Working with leather requires skill and at Wetherby Shade Card we know that no two hides are the same. We are the market leaders in the production of shade cards for the leather market, and are skilled at preparing the material prior to cutting in order to guarantee that sample edges are clean and cut accurately. Our team has the expertise to identify scars and blemishes on hides and can work around them when cutting or punching out samples to ensure the best quality goes into every card. Leather is an expensive product, and we take time and extreme care to maximise the yield from each hide.

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Whatever level of service or support you require, your appointed team will work with you through six key stages to ensure your sampling solution is ideally suited to your company and the materials you produce.

1. Consultation


2. Design


3. Cutting


4. Mounting


5. Finishing


6. Delivery

About Us

As market leaders in the manufacture of shade cards and other product sampling solutions, Wetherby Shade Cards has been creating innovative, bespoke, sales-enhancing colour sample cards for leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers across Europe for more than 60 years.

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