Shade Cards

Whether you have one product in five colours or 20 ranges in 50 colours, a shade card helps to present colourways in one, succinct format.

Fan Decks

Showcasing a range of colours and finishes, fan decks are a great way to present multiple colours and textures of your products.

Tip Cards

Our tip cards offer an ideal solution for promoting individual samples with product-specific information in one place for clients to take away or order.

Fringes, Wool & Yarn Strips

Strips are a great solution for displaying the depth and colour of your wools or yarns and fringes give you the ability to see and feel the quality and depth of your material.


Similar to a shade card this style of solution can be adapted to a format of your choice including point of sale environments within a showroom, shop or exhibition.


A great way to hold a collection of larger samples in a format that can be added to or changed during its life cycle.

Fabric & Upholstery

We use selective cutting, directional mounting and techniques such as railroading to showcase curtain and upholstery product samples to their full potential, minimising fraying and fabric waste. Fabric sample presentation is a key skill that has been refined over the years by the Wetherby Shade Card team.


When manufacturers send us expensive hides of leather, we must keep waste to a minimum. We have innovative ways of cutting and presenting costly samples so that the full quality of the material, even on a small scale, can still be seen and felt.

Apparel & Knitwear

Some fabrics, especially those used in apparel, can lose their shape when cut, particularly when they’re supplied to us in garment form. We’ve developed special procedures to stop this from happening so that the chosen fabric sample presentation stands the test of time, as well as withstanding the closest customer scrutiny.


When it comes to wallcoverings – whether they are made of paper, vinyl or textile – pattern placement is a big consideration, as is helping customers imagine how a small sample will look when hung in a large space. By combining printed images, embossed materials or woven designs with impactful photography of the product in-situ, we are able to create wallcovering shade cards that really enhance sales.

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