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How it works

We offer a fully managed service. From the moment we start working together you will be assigned your own dedicated account manager who will ensure your exact specifications are met professionally and as cost effectively as possible while guiding you through the entire process.

Each project typically follows
the following process:

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Experienced sales staff advise on the most effective presentation for your product, combining the highest card design standards with the most cost-effective production techniques.

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Our expert in-house design studio can work with your supplied artwork or create new designs to represent the unique style and positioning of your brand in a compelling and practical way.

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Continued investment into plant and machinery, including the latest computer-controlled guillotines and gimping machines, ensures all your materials are cut cleanly and efficiently.

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Our equipment guarantees that cards are mounted accurately and to a very high standard. New machines and production methods ensure that we are continually improving the speed and quality of production.

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Our combination of modern machine techniques and hand-craftsmanship guarantees a perfect finish that other suppliers find hard to replicate.

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Whether your order requires a local delivery or a worldwide distribution, we will ensure that it arrives in the same perfect condition as when it left our factory.

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Take a look at our behind-the-scenes video to get a feel for the work we carry out daily to produce standout sampling solutions for all our customers.

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